26 December 2008

Photos of Lesotho

Rainbow to welcome us to Ha Mofoka

Rainbow on the day of arrival at village

The Ha Mofoka Post Office

My Rondaval

Me and 'Me

'Me Mapiti

My Nephew and Niece

My Host Family Home

Above Ha Mofoka

From My Front Door
The Letuka Family and I

Excitement to get in the Photo

Thanksgiving at the Ambassadors

Bo Abuti

Bo 'Me Sing

Ntate Paul and the Ha Mofoka Boys

The Famous Basotho Hat 

My Abuti, Letlolonolo

Mural at High School

Peace Corps Security at Training Center

Classroom at St. Josephs high school

Students at the Primary School

Our Classroom at the Training Center

Dancing Trainers

The Training Center in Maseru

Welcome from the Trainers