11 January 2007

What's So Funny About Quantum Mechanics?

I am planning on applying for funding to do an interdisciplinary (physics and philosophy)
project in which I will examine and try to clearly determine why and in what way(s)
quantum mechanics is so at odds with our intuitive understanding of nature. I plan to
examine Bell's inequalities, multiple interpretations of QM, the Einstein Podolsky Rosen
(EPR) paradox, and other relevant topics. My goal is not to solve the problem, but rather
to clearly and precisely define the problems as well as arguments for different
interpretations and the implications that follow. I would like to figure out how I would
best interpret QM and what principle I think we might have to disregard or adhere to, but
my own opinions will only develop upon intensive investigation.

I would hope that this would develop into a thesis and to continue on to do graduate work
in philosophy of physics (and of course become rich and famous).

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Anonymous said...

Rich and Famous, huh? I'll take both!