06 September 2010

This is extremely hard to even write, but I want to inform you of a
tragedy in my life and the lives of every member of the PC/Lesotho
Community: On Friday night my close friend and district-mate here in
Lesotho (there are about 8 PC volunteers in each district) was shot
and killed while in Maseru while he was attending my PC group's Close
of Service event. He was walking with another close friend and
district-mate when this happened - she is safe. WE ARE ALL SAFE and
most of the volunteers and staff are together now. We are experiencing
extreme grief and shock. There will be a memorial service here
tomorrow, Monday, at 4 PM (10 am EST). I simply ask that at that time,
if possible, you take a moment of silence to hold Tom, his family, the
members of the PC/Lesotho community, and all who knew Tom in you
thoughts and prayers.

Below is a link to the Peace Corps press release, with photos of Tom.
IF you inform anyone else of this please refer them to this link and
please be respectful to not add any details that are not explicitly in
this press release to avoid the spread of misinformation.

It is not neccessary for you to send me a message unless you feel you
must. I know that you support us and I thank you for that.

Tom is and will be deeply missed and he lives on in our hearts.


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Amy said...

Hi there. I feel the need to thank you for this post. I am Tom's Recruiter from UF. I have never been prouder of an applicant than I was of Tom. All of us are so lucky to have known me. The UF PC Community grieves with PC Lesotho. We all grieve with you. Anything that I can do, please let me know.